About Clinical Trials

The health conditions you suffer with today may become a burden for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Our hope is to work together today to find better treatment options and preventive medicine for the future.

Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

  • You are paying it forward for future generations.
  • You may receive medication and medical care at absolutely no cost and with no involvement of your health insurance.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of your health.
  • You’ll receive close, personal attention from our providers.
  • You may be compensated for your time while participating in the trial.

What to Expect

Our clinic is very similar to a doctor’s office with comfortable, private exam rooms. We recommend a no obligation health screening visit to introduce ourselves and start your relationship with us. Your health screening visit will involve quick paperwork, as well as a brief overview and collection of your personal medical history. We’ll also offer you the option to perform any necessary physical examinations, lab work, or other diagnostic tests at no cost to you. From your health screen, we’ll be better able to determine which of our clinical trials you may qualify for and could potentially be the most beneficial to you. With all of the information you need in hand, we leave the decision to you on whether you would like to move forward with trial participation or not.

clinical trials

Information Without Obligation

The specifics of each clinical trial, including the medications involved, number of clinic visits required, and the potential benefits, risks, and side effects, will be thoroughly explained and detailed for you in an informed consent document. You will have the opportunity to carefully review this document and address any questions or concerns you might have with our staff and anyone else you choose. It is your decision whether you decide to participate in a trial with us or not. Informed consent is not a contract and you may withdraw from the trial at any time.

Improve Your Health

One of the most valuable benefits of participating in a clinical trial is the possibility of receiving new medication or treatment options absolutely free of charge. Lillestol Research trials are “intent to treat” trials which means that the medications and treatments offered are intended and expected to improve your specific health condition and benefit your diagnosis.

clinical trials